MTG: Commander League

Fridays 6pm - 10pm

$10 for 6 weeks


Buy a Pre-Constructed Deck or 2 packs of Dragonshield Sleeves and get FREE entry into the League

There are 6 weeks per league. You may play in as many or as few games as you like in that time frame. 6 weeks per league. You may play in as many or as few games as you like in that time frame. We stress the importance of Rule 0: discuss with the other players in your pod about the preferred power level and play style that you would like to be a part of. You are welcome to change pods through the night if you have a difference of preferences. 

Our Commander League is achievement based, meaning that you earn points for completing custom achievement cards created just for our store. Each week you can accumulate points to redeem for prizes! 

Points rollover from each League and they never expire. 

Coming Soon...

Join us on Sunday, October 8th @ 2PM for our MTG: Store Championship - Wilds of Eldraine Booster Draft Event. This is a standard drafting event.

All participants will receive prize support!

Prize Support includes a promo Tail Swipe for participation, a promo Transcendent Message for Top 8, and a full art textless promo Moonshaker Cavalry (very rare - only one exists per store) for First place.

22 seats available | $25 due at sign-up

Monthly Pauper Championship

Bring a Magic deck that has only common cards in it and compete for the chance to be our Monthly Pauper Champion! Only $5 for entry!

We will be following the Pauper rules and ban-list, available at

Prize support:

Everyone will get at least one foil common card from Checkmate’s card hoard! The Champion will get their choice of 8 foils and top 8 will also get additional foil commons besides the participation foil.

The Pauper Championship is scheduled for the FIRST Sunday of every month, unless announced otherwise. Please check our Google Calendar or social medias to stay up-to-date.